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Rugby World Cup Hospitality As You’ve Never Seen it Before

Rugby World Cup fever has started with the first sales of tickets to the major rugby event next year in New Zealand. When tickets sold initially during early 2010 there were almost 200,000 sold very quickly indeed.

Bournemouth Sevens Essentials

Bournemouth Sevens attracts up to 20,000 people over the bank holiday weekend of May for the same two reasons – rugby and netball! This article provides information on the key essentials needed for the weekend to help avoid and prevent injuries sustained in the matches.

How Does Fantasy Rugby Work?

Fantasy Rugby works like any other fantasy sport in that participants act as sports team owners and put together a fantasy sports team. Their team consists of actual players from that sport whose weekly contribution to their actual team is turned into points for virtual teams they are members of. Team owners are given a limited number of trades to sell, buy, and replace players in their fantasy team.

What is Fantasy Rugby?

Fantasy Rugby is essentially the same as any fantasy sport. It is usually an online game where players act as managers and owners of a sports team consisting of real life players reflecting their actual contribution to a sports team in a game. The wide variety of point scoring opportunities and different player types make Fantasy Rugby a compelling and competitive online game for rugby fans.

Cool Kooga Clothing!

Kooga is an internationally famed brand of rugby clothing, which is worn and endorsed by professional players and teams from both the rugby league and the rugby union. Kooga offer a wide selection of products, including not only shorts, socks and shirts for matches, but also many items for training such as vests and hooded tops. They have a reputation for a very high standard when it comes to both materials used and quality of construction.

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