What Equipment Do I Need to Play Rugby?

Rugby is one of those sports that is very tough and physical, and it’s very easy to go overboard on protective equipment, and gear. So I wanted to write an article about what rugby equipment you really need to play rugby.

Rugby Boots Are For Young and Old

As much as the tops and shorts are important for anyone wanting to play rugby at any decent level, you won’t get very far without a good pair of rugby boots on your feet. There may not be the need to have a top of the range pair, that are the same as the type of boots worn by professional players, but there is a big need to have a footwear choice that provides the strength and support that is required when playing rugby.

The 2011 Rugby World Cup in New Zealand – How Do You Plan to Get Around?

New Zealand was selected as the host country to hold the 2011 Rugby World Cup during the meeting of the International Rugby Board (IRB) held in Dublin in 2005. Check out these transportation options available to 2011 Rugby World Cup supporters.

Is There a RIGHT Way to Train For Rugby Fitness?

Is there a right way to obtain rugby fitness? Many would argue that you need to focus on speed, getting stronger, strongman training for rugby, power, training for set periods of time etc etc.

Selecting Appropriate Rugby Drills For Your Team

If you are starting out as a rugby coach then you may be finding it difficult to know where you should be focusing your efforts during rugby training sessions, and in particular, what drills are best to help improve your team. Well there are a number of points to consider. Rugby is in some ways a simple game with a lot of structure. There are set pieces and open play. As a coach, particularly of a junior team, at first you have to work on the basics.

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