Concussion is a known evil in rugby’s age of collisions

5 Reasons Why In Season Rugby Strength Training Programs Fail

One of the most complicated areas of rugby physical preparation for the average player is how to strength train in season. There are five common problems that I see most often with in season strength training programs for rugby. All five can hold you back as a rugby player but luckily for us, they are easily avoidable.

The 2011 Rugby World Cup in New Zealand

The 2011 Rugby World Cup will be the game’s biggest event of the year in New Zealand. This will even offer a great slice of entertainment for the people of Hamilton.

Aviva Rugby Premiership Relegation and Promotion

The subject of the whether the Avia Premiership, the English top flight Rugby Union League, should be cut off and relegation abolished is raised regularly. There are many reasons that reignite this issue such as quality of matches in the Premiership to the class of English rugby players being produced. In this article I will discuss them all and hopefully come up with an answer to the dilemma.

The History of the Game of Rugby

According to legend, the history of the game of rugby hails back to the town of Rugby in England in 1823, when William Webb Ellis picked up a football and ran with it during a local game. The advent of the oval shaped ball used in rugby football formed a distinction from football (soccer) that has endured since.

The History of the Rugby World Cup

The history of the Rugby World Cup (RWC) reflects twenty years of Southern Hemisphere domination in the six RWC tournaments until 2007, and only England breaking the stronghold, winning the 2003 RWC. Following proposals in the 1950s for the formation of a Rugby World Cup, in the 1980s the idea took formative root, culminating in the inaugural 1987 RWC. The Rugby World Cup competition has been played every four years since 1987, hosted by a different country on each occasion.

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