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Things to Know About Rugby World Cup 2011 Accommodation

The Rugby World Cup 2011 is going to be one of the most amazing sporting events ever to take place in the beautiful island country of New Zealand.   A total of twenty international countries will be participating including big names like Australia (Wallabies), New Zealand (the host country of the top in form rugby team the All Blacks), South Africa, U.S.

Rugby Cufflinks Bring That Feeling of Sportsmanship Spirit

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Rugby Cufflinks Always Popular Among Men

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New Zealand Holiday Parks To Stay At During 2011

The 9th of September to the 23rd October 2011 is when the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand will be held. With 48 games being played, including the final match at Eden Park in Auckland, there are going to be many New Zealanders and international visitors alike looking for accommodation. For the international visitor in particular, an attractive option of getting around the games while also taking in the beautiful sights and attractions of New Zealand involves hiring a campervan and booking accommodation at holiday parks across the country.

The History of the Rugby World Cup

The history of the Rugby World Cup (RWC) reflects twenty years of Southern Hemisphere domination in the six RWC tournaments until 2007, and only England breaking the stronghold, winning the 2003 RWC. Following proposals in the 1950s for the formation of a Rugby World Cup, in the 1980s the idea took formative root, culminating in the inaugural 1987 RWC. The Rugby World Cup competition has been played every four years since 1987, hosted by a different country on each occasion.

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