Rugby World Cup 2011 Supporters Travel – Secure a Rental Motor Home Today!

The next Rugby World Cup will be held in New Zealand during September & October 2011. 20 teams will compete in 48 games, over 7 weeks. If you have your heart set on being one of the thousands of supporters, then we strongly recommend you start giving some thought to your travel options between games and accommodation.

Springbok Rugby News – Burger Or Brussow

Have we forgotten what Schalk Burger has done for south Africa and do we not always use the adage form is temporary and class is permanent? Why then is it almost impossible for any South African to believe that he should start on the flank for South Africa in Australasia.

Rugby League Memorabilia Affected As Karmichael Hunt Switches Codes

Sport for many people is a way of life, as fans of the NRL in Australia would readily testify. The memorabilia industry is massive in all sports across the world.

Rugby Coaching – What Are the Key Player Skills to Look For?

Part of your job as a rugby coach will likely to be selecting a team. Early in the session when you have no prior experience with the players it may be a rather hard job to figure out which players you should be selecting, and what exactly makes a player good.

What Makes a Good Rugby Coach?

What are the key aspects of a successful rugby coach? This article looks are different aspects of a rugby coach to see what makes them successful. To be an effective coach in rugby you must have or earn the respect of the players. If you don’t have the respect of your players it is very hard to implement strategic decisions, practice moves, and have overall control of the team.

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