Rugby Fotball – The Game History

Rugby, or Rugby Football, is a sport that was developed through the convergence of several forms of football played in England in the 1800s. Quite interestingly, Rugby is itself the precursor to several similar forms of football including American Football, Aussie Rules Football and Canadian Football.

Will the Italian Rugby Clubs Joining the Magners League Be a Benefit?

Taking a look at the benefits that the proposed addition of Italian rugby clubs to the Magners league could bring. A fascinating idea that could energize the whole league.

Will Welsh Rugby Superstar Gavin Henson Go on the British Lions Tour?

2009 sees the British Lions tour South Africa. This article takes a look at whether Welsh rugby superstar, Gavin Henson, will make the British Lions touring squad.

British & Lions 2009

The new British & Lions 2009 clothing line is out, and is available for rugby fans around the world. Chosen from the best players in the UK as well as Ireland, this team has a fantastic record and has attracted a huge following. In this brief article, we’ll take a look at the team’s history as well as some of the new year’s clothing and accessories that are now available. If you’re a Lions fan, now is the time to get your sporting goods, jerseys, and anything else you might want to show support for your favourite team.

Peripheral Adaptive Endurance Training For Rugby and Other Dynamic Sports

In team sports such as Rugby, overly specific and segmented training can punish the athlete. Quite often the fitness conditioning regimes in such sports involve divided training sessions where players do weights sessions, skill sessions and endurance sessions.

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