‘It was an absolute honour to coach the Springboks’

The History Behind Rugby

Rugby is a widely popular sport, known for its intense action and brutality, but unfortunately the sport is fairly unknown in the United States. On the popular American show “Friends” one of the characters (Ross) tries to impress a cute girl by attempting to play rugby. Sadly, Ross knew almost nothing about rugby and he ends up getting injured.

The 2011 Rugby World Cup Is Only 7 Months Away!

Similar to other world cups, the World Cup of Rugby comes around every 4 years. Even though there are numerous tournaments and tours in between, it still remains the final say in as to which team is the best in the world. Rugby is most popular in the Southern hemisphere between South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.

Great London Pubs to Watch the Six Nations Rugby 2011

The excitement is building as we approach the start of the 2011 Six Nations championship between England, France, Ireland, Wales and Scotland. This is sure to be an exciting Rugby battle in preparation for the 2011 World Cup. Make sure you catch all the action in some of the best London pubs to watch the Six Nations.

Benefits of Base Layers

Base layers over the last five years have become an addition to any sportsperson’s kit, sometimes known as Under Armour or Skins. Before that you wore your teams strip in short or long sleeve and they were your only options regardless of temperature or performance. Base Layers can benefit professionals and social sportsmen, women and kids alike.

Rugby Memories From the Fifties and Sixties

Going to a rugby, as opposed to a soccer, public school and being naturally large it was not surprising that I played a game I came to love until a weakness in my spine called a halt. During my final year at public school we had a surprising number of nineteen year olds in the team, whether this was out of a hope that National Service would have ended before call up or because they wanted to play for a winning team, I cannot tell. Suffice it to say we had a winning season and I went home feeling rather…

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