Is Rugby Taking a Backseat to World Soccer?

Watching a rugby match is exhilarating and the action is so fast paced if you flinch, you’ll miss something. It’s hard enough to watch it on TV, going to an actual match makes it even harder to see it all. Lately, soccer has been giving rugby quite a run for its money. Plus there have been problems at many of the games. For instance, there was a recent shooting where several fans were hit. Also there was a recent player who bit off another player’s ear in the heat of battle, yes, like Hockey it gets a tad bit competitive indeed.

The Rugby Referee’s Signals

When you start to understand the rugby referee’s signals it helps you to follow what is happening in the game of rugby. Although it is not essential to understand every signal to enjoy a rugby game, it can make a difference as to how much you enjoy the game. In the play of the game, the referee explains to the players why he has made a decision.

Master the Basic Skills of Rugby in Eight Weeks!

Rugby Union is a very demanding game, placing very rigorous demands on players physical and mental attributes. Most amateur players however perform very poorly in respect of rugby-specific fitness tests, due predominantly to poor training habits and lack of correct skills training by coaches.

Is Welsh Rugby Lacking Leadership?

There has to be a serious concern about the lack of leadership within Welsh rugby. At the very top Ryan Jones is a great leader, inspirational, comfortable with the role and good with the press. Rightly he is being touted as a potential leader for the British Lions tour of South Africa in 2009.

Everything You Need to Know to Follow the New Rugby Union Season

Rugby Union continues to grow in popularity and remains one of Britain’s most popular spectator sports. Since the sport turned professional in England in 1995, it has enjoyed unprecedented levels of success both domestically and internationally. Another new domestic season kicks off in September and this article provides an introductory guide to new fans of the sport about just how the league is structured and the enjoyment that can be had from watching the game.

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