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Rugby: The Basics Of This Sport You Need To Understand

Rugby is played around the world but South Africa, New Zeeland, Australia and England are the only teams to have been World Champions. This contest is every four years. If you understand rugby, you can follow the game and enjoy the game. If you do not understand the rules, the game can appear to be nothing but an aggressive argument. Millions of people watch rugby on a regular basis every Saturday or as often as possible.

School Rugby Tours to Paris

Paris is certainly a fascinating and culturally vibrant city – and as any sports fan will know, it’s also a city with strong links to the world of international rugby. School rugby tours to France’s capital can enjoy all the same cultural sights and experiences as any other trip, but can also appreciate the added dimension of facing off against some of France’s teams in a country renowned for its quality of the sport. With the Charles de Gaulle airport and Calais nearby, Paris makes an ideal base to allow your team to develop both on and off the field.

School Rugby Tours in Malta

When it comes to considering scenic and safe locations for school rugby tours, St Julian’s Bay in Malta is one of the greatest choices, offering super sporting facilities nearby, along with many examples of the welcoming Maltese culture and ancient architecture. Just a three-hour flight away from the UK, it’s a wonderful place to explore and to develop a love of rugby in, with great facilities and entertainments to help your team recover and rest after the matches for the day are done. There’s a lot to see and do while on a trip to St Julian’s Bay, and there are plenty of opportunities for students to expand their horizons with other subjects in-between games, such as history and geography.

Funding the USA Rugby Sevens Olympic Program

The 2016 Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro will be the first Olympics to host Rugby Sevens. This article looks into the possibility of USOC providing funding to USA Rugby to run both the mens and womens Olympic Rugby Sevens programs.

How to Properly Perform a Tackle in Rugby

In the modern game, the majority of rugby injuries occur during the tackle situation – the process of tackling and of being tackled, therefore a coach should address this aspect in depth and on a regular basis. The tackle is a core rugby skill that you can only develop properly through repetition. By repetition one can establish that tackling becomes instinctive part of the player and it that is performed safely. The most efficacious technique is the safest.

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