Preview: Springboks vs All Blacks (2nd Test)

Rugby Coaching – Giving an Effective Demonstration

The purpose of a demonstration is to increase the players’ understanding of the skill by providing an accurate model from which to learn. For players to make appropriate decisions on how to execute skills, coaches need to provide an explanation and a demonstration so that players can learn and practise. An effective skill demonstration requires careful planning by the coach.

Rugby – US Finally Taking Notice

Rugby is a very British sport. In US, however, this high impact game has a long way to go to work its way into the hearts of the public.

The Perfect Storm – Rugby World Cup 2011

The 2007 Rugby World Cup in France proved just how big rugby is. Spectator figures for the live championship bashed though the 2 million barrier in true rugby form for the first time in the tournament’s history according to the sport’s ruling body, the International Rugby Board (IRB). An estimated 4.

Rugby – Gaining Significant Momentum in the United States

Rugby, know for its arduous frenziedly play and rough, often bloody full contact (players do not wear protective equipment of any kind), has finally tapped into a swelling pool of United States based spectators. While it’s dubious ever to brave soccer as the globes dominant game, the curiosity and sheer exhilaration tournaments around the country spawned has marked the emergence of its new birth as a U.S. sporting league contender.

From Four Nations to Six Nations in 126 Years

The Six Nations inspires fervour in the sporting world, unlike that of any other sporting event. Fans paint themselves in patriotic colours, buy up the stocks of the latest rugby shirts and travel from country to country to offer their team their unconditional support. It is a sport of the moment and has thrown itself, in all its vitality and glory, spectacularly into the 21st Century. But how many fans are aware of its colourful and sometimes controversial past?

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