Rock n Roll KO’s Rugby: Why Francois van Coke will Knock out Derick Hougaard

Scoring the Best Rugby Kit

A rugby outfit may look sleek and stylish but if it makes you feel uncomfortable, then it doesn’t serve its purpose. Comfort should be the first consideration if you are looking for a rugby kit. Take note that comfort should not only apply when you are on the field; this should also come along even when you are training, on the touchline, or travelling.

What About Itching Powder Before An Athletic Competition Involving Agility – How About Rugby?

The largest organ in the human body is the epidermis, that is to say human skin. It is a fascinating evolutionary strategy for such an elite carbon biped-based species. Your sense of touch works because there are sensors under the skin connected to your nervous system and to your neurons. Anytime something touches the skin, you immediately feel it. It’s something itches, or you feel pain, you know right away. The other day, I was reading some research papers on this, and some new studies which are helping biotech science figure it all out.

Navigating the Pitfalls of Rugby Kit Supply

Just 6 years ago if you Googled ‘Rugby Kit Suppliers’ you could count on one hand the serious suppliers available. Do the same thing now and you are awash with possibilities. Whilst it is a boon having all these choices it does beg the question – How do I pick a decent one? Here are a few guidelines for finding a supplier that is right for you.

New Sports Concept – Water Rugby

After watching an amazing rugby championship recently, I noted how aggressive the game really was. Why now you ask? Well, the zoom lenses had the TV audience looking down the ranks at near ball level. Imagine being that rugby ball? Ouch, that would be a tough job. Some say that rugby isn’t as good as American Football or other aggressive-like team sports. I completely disagree with such ascertains, however do understand where those perceptions come from. Let’s talk.

New Rugby Ball Concept – Haptic Pressure Sensitive Digital System

Have you ever watched a rugby game where the sports networks cameras focus on the ball as it moved between the players? These are things you can’t readily see from the stands, but when you have a camera focused down between you can see all the power plays, strength, shoving and pushing. It’s amazing how much brute force is involved in the sport. This is not for weak men, rugby is a real man’s sport, it’s for the toughest, strongest, and most agile. Still, I’d like to see even more nuance added to this game, I’d also like to see some modern-day technology brought into focus. Let’s talk.

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