The Rugby Championship | Argentina v Australia – Rd 6 Highlights

Los Pumas – The Lost Rugby Nation to Tri-Nations

Argentina have been regular World Cup contenders since 1987, placed third in the 2007 Rugby World Cup, and are now ranked third in the International Rugby Board (IRB) world ranking (28 April 2008). So why aren’t they involved in any of the major rugby competitions (the only team in the top 10 IRB ranking not involved) – The Tri-Nations (Southern) and Six Nations (Northern)?

Rugby – How To Develop An Injury Prevention Program And Double Your Recovery Time

Rugby is a full contact sport. It is very different from American Gridiron because there are less stoppages and no protective gear apart from the clothes they are wearing. It is common to see more horrific rugby injuries than American Gridiron.

Coaching Junior Rugby – The 7 Traits of a Champion Team

I experienced 12 years of junior rugby union in the heart of Reds territory during the 1970’s and 1980’s at club and school (GPS) levels. Ballimore were the halo grounds we kids dreamt of playing on at the end of the season during the finals. I was particularly blessed and had numerous runs onto the concave surface representing the Kenmore Bears Rugby Union Club, as a halfback.

Rugby – Which Six Nations? Why?

A tongue-in-cheek overview of the rules of rugby for newcomers to the joys of the game: If you are a born sports person, you were no doubt born knowing the intricacies of all the popular sports but for newcomers like me, it can be a bit confusing. So, after four years of watching The Six Nations rugby with fascination and bafflement, I thought I’d put together a quick guide to the game, as it appears to an outsider.

Cheap Rugby Shirts – 3 Reasons Your Kids Needs Them

Children can be a nightmare when it comes to clothes and as a parent it can seem like you’re fighting an ever losing battle. Cheap rugby shirts are excellent solution to your problems and here are three reasons I think you’ll agree.

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