The Rugby Championship | Argentina v New Zealand – Rd 4 Highlights

Rugby Training Equipment is For Stars and Fans

Support the team in style this summer with a wide choice of playing shirts and some great leisurewear. The advances in sports technology and even the new types of sporting equipment are helping to give the top level athletes an extra edge when it comes to performance and fitness.

Rugby Shirts Will Convert Anyone

Like all sports, rugby fans like to show their support for their team and this means that there are many who are very keen to wear the replica jerseys and merchandise from their team. Many fans will be looking to buy the rugby shirts that their favourite players wear in an attempt to let people know that this is who they back.

Rugby League – Four Nations – Does England Have a Chance This Time?

Well the squad for the upcoming 4 nations rugby league tournament has been announced and it has to be said that England coach Tony Smith has made some pretty bold and brave decisions in selecting his squad for this tournament. Personally I think he is right in what he has done as otherwise we would have had the same problems that the squad had in the last disastrous and quite frankly embarrassing world cup.

Strength Training & Conditioning For the Rugby World Cup 2011 by Pulling a 12 Ton Truck Or Plane

Most crowd pleasing moments in the game of rugby are when a carrier or defender are pummeled to the grass in a tackle. The more ‘road runner cartoon type’ the tackle, the more reaction one gets from the crowd. Strongman competitors, Power Lifters and Olympic lifters all provide unique learning points for Rugby players.

Rugby Equipment Regulations – The Human Factor

There are regulations (at least in Rugby Union) that determine how rugby equipment can be used in rugby. Manufacturers must be approved and sanctioned by the International Rugby Board (IRB), which is the leading authority for the sport. These standards are designed to ensure the integrity of competition and protect players during competition.

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