The Rugby Championship | Australia v Argentina – Rd 5 Highlights

Rugby Competitions in Different Countries

Here in South Africa rugby is the national sport of the country. Unlike soccer rugby is only being played in a few countries, and one of them is South Africa.

Rugby Union Explained

For many, the only way to identify Rugby Union teams is by looking at the colors of the shirts worn by players of a team. Sometimes, even avid fans of the sport do not really know what it’s all about. Basically, it is defined as an outdoor sport played by two competing teams using an oval ball. The teams, which are composed of 15 players on each side, follow the rule or code of rugby football.

Ospreys Rugby Shirts – In Demand Shirts in the UK and Ireland

The Ospreys is a Welsh Rugby Union team that was formerly known as the Neath-Swansea Ospreys. The Ospreys Rugby shirts are mainly black (which represents the color of the Neath RFC) and white (which represents the Swansea RFC color) with a visible red Celtic knot. The alternate uniform of this team from Wales is mainly white with black stripes and the quintessential red knot.

Gloucester Rugby – An Introduction

Gloucester Ruby, which is more popularly known as the “cherry and whites” because of the striped red and white Gloucester Rugby shirts that the team originally wore, is one of the most popular professional Rugby Union teams in England. This club, the pride of Gloucester (a city west of England), competes in the national Guinness Premiership, European Rugby Cup, and Anglo-Welsh EDF Energy Cup. The home stadium is situated in Kingsholm, which is near the center of Gloucester city. The Bristol team and the Bath team are the strongest rivals of Gloucester Rugby team, which was founded in 1873.

Cheap Rugby Shirts & Other Merchandise

In spite of the financial downturn that is sweeping across the nation and other parts of the world, rugby fans will be fans and they will be buying memorabilia like cheap rugby shirts during the sport season. But nowadays, adult fans are not the only ones who pine for rugby jerseys, caps, and other items that have logos or colors of their favorite teams. Even kids would do anything just to have a pin of, say, Wales Rugby Union. As parents, there is really nothing you can do but to give in to your kids’ requests. Probably, what you should do is to find more affordable jerseys and other rugby paraphernalia.

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