The Rugby Championship | Australia v South Africa – Rd 4 Highlights

Leading Edge Warm Up Drills For Rugby Training

In your rugby training sessions, the purpose of a warm up is to get the body physically and mentally prepared for the event ahead. Regardless of the sport it is important that an athlete at any level starts performing as soon as the whistle goes in order to reach their potential and be competitive from the outset. This is essential for rugby training.

Five Items Every Runner Should Have on Their Holiday Wish List

With the holidays coming up, be sure to get your running friends and family just what they need. This article discusses the top five products that the typical runner would want to keep them going.

The Recent History of Welsh Rugby

A brief look at the recent ups and downs of Welsh rugby. From the 1999 World Cup up to the Present day.

How the 1999 Rugby World Cup Revamped Cardiff

Few cities have benefited quite as much as much as Cardiff did back in 1999, when it had the honour of hosting the Rugby World Cup. Up until that time, the city was struggling along and was hardly thought of as a tourist destination by any stretch of the imagination.

The Right Rugby Boots Can Make All the Difference

The technology and materials in the modern range of rugby boots use every ounce of the advances in sportswear and sports science. Support the team in style this summer with a wide choice of playing shirts and some great leisurewear.

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