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Rugby Fans – A Journey Through the Years

Wearing rugby shirts is not really what rugby fans from ages ago did to show their support and devotion to their favored teams. During the time when the sport was just starting to get attention as a national sport in some countries, fans did not really have access to kits, jerseys, and even caps that many fans are enjoying nowadays. But just the same, young and adult rugby fans had to find unique ways in which to display their allegiance to their local team. To know more about how fans expressed their support through the years, simply read on.

Things Fans Do to Support Their Favorite Rugby Union Teams

Aside from wearing rugby shirts that resemble the union teams that they support, many rugby fans go out of their way to express themselves. However, sometimes fans do silly things that seem irrational or downright wacky, especially in the eyes of non-sport enthusiasts. Below are some of the things that rugby fanatics are willing to do just to show their undying loyalty and devotion for their much loved Rugby Union teams.

Rugby Shirts and Other Protective Gears For Your Little Player

The increase in the sales of rugby shirts in the United States is an indication that the sport is starting to invade the country. A lot of kids in the US are now learning to play the sports and even forming rugby teams in their local communities and schools. If your son or daughter is starting to show interest in the sport, it may be a good idea to know what comprises a full rugby uniform. It is important to note that this sport is very physical, so you have to make sure that you know the protective gear that your child needs.

Rugby Shirts – Buyers’ Tips

Wearing rugby shirts that are the exact replica of a Rugby Union team uniform is one of the most common ways of how fans express their support for and devotion to the group that they favor. However, in a time when everyone is feeling the global credit crunch, it is not surprising that people would want to get more value for their money.

Reasons Why Wasps Rugby Shirts Are Very Popular

The London Wasps, which was founded in 1867, is one of the most successful Rugby Union teams in England. Thus, it is not surprising to see thousands of fans wearing Wasps Rugby shirts during championship competitions. For many years, this team has been enjoying tremendous success not only in the national level, but in international circuits as well. The team, as well as all the other clubs of the Rugby Union, turned professional only in the late 90s after the International Rugby Board lifted the restriction on the pay of Rugby Union team players. Although the home games of the London Wasps are played at Adams Park, they also play at Ricoh Arena located in Coventry and Twickenham. Incidentally, this arena is also considered as the home of English Rugby.

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