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How to Score Rugby World Cup 2011 Packages – Without Paying Through the Nose

The 2011 Rugby World Cup is one of the major sporting events on the 2011 calendar and yet many are worried about how to go about getting the best rugby world cup 2011 package. It takes a little fortitude and a little knowledge to get the package that will see you enjoying the holiday and sporting event of a lifetime.

Rugby League and Rugby Union – The 40-20 Versus the 22 Metre Rule

Rugby league has a quirky rule that if a player called a 40-20. It works as a reward for accurate and strategic kicking. If a player kicks the ball behind his 40 metre line and it goes over the sideline behind the opposition’s 20 metre line and providing the ball bounces first then his team is awarded a scrum next to where the ball went out.

Kicking the Ball Out in Rugby Union and Rugby League

In both rugby union and rugby league play stops when the ball goes over the sideline. Also in both cases if the kick goes out on the full then it is taken back to where the kick was made, although there are a couple of exceptions to this in rugby union. Once the ball goes out both rugby and league restart play differently.

The Scrum in Rugby Union and Rugby League

A big difference between rugby union and rugby league is how each code handles what happens when the ball goes forward off one of the players. To the casual observer what happens after is the same as both use the scrum. However, apart from superficial similarities both are quite different.

5 Differences Between Rugby and Rugby League

A standard rugby team consists of 15 men on the field at any given time and 7 reserve players on the sideline, whilst a standard league team consists of only 13 players wand 4 reserves. Rugby League operates an interchange system for reserve players with each team allowed to make up to 10 changes throughout the game. Rugby is different as players cannot return to the field once they come off, with two notable exceptions to this rule.

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