The War Room: Boks to shine at Suncorp

Rugby Injuries and How to Prevent Them

When you hear the word “rugby” you no doubt picture tall, strong men playing one of the highest contact sports in existence today. This is a very accurate vision of this sport and because of this; rarely a game will go by without an injury. As a rugby player it becomes common knowledge and acceptable to suffer from a concussion on a regular basis, broken bones and many sprains and bruises.

Nutrition For Rugby Players

Possessing a basic understanding of what nutrition is, how it works and what foods you should be eating during your training is very important to your sport and performance within it. It is important to find the perfect balance between fats, carbohydrates and protein to ensure your body has enough fuel to not only sustain a single game of rugby but to sustain the training necessary to make it to that point. Our bodies can be put through rigorous amounts of training but only if we supply it with the food it needs to stay strong and energized.

Have Ireland Got What it Takes to Repeat Six Nations Glory?

This article considers the Ireland Rugby team’s chances of six nations glory in 2010. Declan Kidney’s side won the grand slam in 2009 and this article considers the relative strengths of the team repeating that achievement.

Rugby Boots – How to Buy Online

Buying rugby boots online can be a tricky task. You don’t have the added benefit of being able to try the boots on before you buy, although, most online market places offer a return option, it is always best to get it right first time. So what are the key decisions you need to make when buying rugby boots online?

How to Play Rugby

For the majority of people all they know about rugby is that it is rough and can be violent. There is another side to rugby that you cannot know until you become a player. It is a game of magnificent skill and athleticism that is rare in other avenues of sports leagues today.

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