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Various Reasons To Opt For Rugby Tours

If you want your holiday to be active and creative, you should consider rugby tours as these are intended for the whole family to enjoy. This holiday option is ideal for rugby fanatics as it offers all that you need so you can effectively escape the demands and distractions of modern living.

New Sport – Blitz, a Human Chain Drive

Have you ever thought of coming up with a new sport, something which was challenging, involved teamwork, and agility? Some physical activity with competition spliced into the theme. As a former athlete myself, I’ve always considered that perhaps if there was a different sport I might have excelled at it, or if humans had come up with other physical sports, I might have been an underwhelming athlete. For instance, I don’t believe I would be very good at cricket, and I know I’m not too good at golf. Okay so let’s talk because I have a new concept to run by you, a new type of sport.

Rugby – Injury Prevention

In a brutal sport such as rugby injury prevention is key. But how do you prevent injuries without wearing any “safety equipment”.

The Technology Behind Modern Rugby Kits

Rugby kits have come a long way since the baggy, cotton affairs of old. The days of watching Brian Moore lummox about in midfield in what looks like a muddy white dress have been replaced with the spectacle of statuesque, muscle bound athletes in tight fitting rugby shirts.

Rugby Unique Fundraising Ideas

Read my story of how we found ways to raise money for my son’s local rugby team. These unique ideas have allowed us to take players to South Africa.

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