Vodacom URC: Cardiff vs Vodacom Bulls

A Medaieval Football match

Soccer, and rugby, both started in the same part of the world. The same part of the world that the pilgrim fathers came from. They both derive from an ancient game that still survives. Have you ever seen a Medaieval football match?

Strong Muscles for Stronger Bones

Exercising to strengthen muscles strengthens the bones on which these same muscles attach. Bones in the arm that holds the racquet of a professional tennis player are much larger and stronger than the bones in the other arm. The arm bones are bigger, denser and stronger in athletes who whose activities involve upper body strength, such as rugby, rock climbing, kayaking, and weight lifting.

Winning Coaches Know the Secret of Goal Setting

The secret ingredient to improve a team’s or an individual’s chances of winning is outlined by a seasoned rugby coach who learned first hand the importance of goal setting.

Rugby – The Most Strength-Oriented Code of Football

Rugby players are more involved in physical contact and for longer periods than players in other forms of football. With the exception of American football, they tend to be significantly heavier than other footballers. Strength training in rugby has tended to focus on hypertrophy or maintaining strength levels rather than achieving full potential strength, but in the future there is likely to be a concentration on heavy, very mobile players who possess very high-range explosive strength.

English Rugby – Back on Track ?

So it was with a sense of trepidation that England fans sat down to watch the opening autumn international of the 2005/6 season against Australia, once again without the talismanic injury prone Jonny Wilkinson.

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