Vodacom URC: Edinburgh vs Stormers (Round 3)

Heineken’s Cup of Woe

A rumble of distant drums is now making waves in European Rugby.

Why The Hospital Pass Encourages Me To Watch Not Play Rugby

Whenever I watch international rugby, I often hear the commentators refer to a ‘hospital pass’, and never has an expression been so apt! The hospital pass happens when a pass is made to a colleague, but either the position of the catching player, or the flight of the ball, leads to only one outcome if the ball is caught, and it’s this…

Are the All Blacks Chokers?

The rugby world, lead mostly by Australians and Englishmen, take great joy in labelling New Zealand’s All Blacks chokers for their recent lack of World Cup success. Since the first World Cup, which New Zealand won, the All Black World Cup story has been one of disappointment and heartache for All Black Supporters who are left wondering how a team that is seems to spend the entire three years leading up to a world cup stomping on everyone in site can manage to throw away world cups year after year.

Who Else is Bored with the Tri-Nations?

The Tri-Nations is past its use by date. It needs something fresh to revitalise rugby.

Rugby Training – Complete

This is an article to explain the complexities on how you can train for a multi joint, multi plane movement sport like rugby. It provides the best drills in order to improve sprinting, strength, power and injury prevention. As well as how to perform skills whilst moving.

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